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Elegant Two-Piece Jilbab


One-size-fits-all elegant two-piece jilbab that features drawstring skirts, allowing you to tighten or loosen them as needed, and straps on the jilbab top, allowing for different styles of wearing them!

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Our new two-piece jilbabs are made from a high-quality material that is neither too thick nor too thin, allowing for wear around the year. They are elegant while also comfortable. Our one-size two-piece jilbabs are a comfortable fit for most sizes! The skirt comes with adjustable drawstrings to make it as tight or as loose as needed. Our jilbab tops (and bottoms) are flowy for the best modest fit.

On the jilbab tops, straps are attached to allow you to wear them in multiple styles, for example:
– under the chin like a khimar
– over the face as a niqab
– tied around showing on the outside
– or tied around on the inside


Black, Olive, Grey, Tan, Burnt Orange, Blue, Maroon


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